Electronic Commerce Technical Issues


The tomcat shell has been fixed and now works. Create a directory of your own for tomcat (e.g $HOME/tomcat). Create subdirectories conf and webapps. Copy the conf files from the tomcat distribution:

    cp /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat/conf/* $HOME/tomcat
Set the TOMCAT_HOME environment vbl, say in your .profile:

    export TOMCAT_HOME=$HOME/tomcat
Then start tomcat at a shell prompt by

    tomcat.sh start
and stop it by

    tomcat.sh stop


My perl script to translate DocBook to HTML is here .
The Java XML stuff is known as JAXP and Ross will put it in the Linux lab sometime, probably on /usr/local/lib


The initial handout is incomplete, but contains a list of topics that should be covered in this subject.



Materials at front desk

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