ECommerce Technical Issues
Assignment 2, 2000


A shopping cart is a typical ecommerce application. This assignment is to implement a shopping cart and order gathering Web application for a simple domain. The application should allow users to select from lists of items and add the selected items to their cart. When the user opts to buy, they are prompted for credit card information

Problem domain

The domain is a small supermarket. There should be a menu of categories, such as groceries, cereals and drinks. Selecting one of these should display a (small) list in each category. Selecting an item should prompt an "add to cart" form.

When a user selects "buy", a credit card information form should be displayed. This form should include a delivery address.


Inputs to the web application should not be assumed to come from well-behaved browsers. Input should be checked for validity on the server side.

These checks should include:


The preferred languages are

Group size

This assignment may be done in groups of 3 or less.


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