ECommerce Technical Issues
Assignment 3


XMl is likely to be used as the standard data interchange format for most business data. XML is not a presentation format, unlike HTML or WML. This assignment is to allow queries to be made of a database, and the information will be returned in XML format. If desired, this may be converted to HTML or to WML.


Employee information is stored in an SQL database such as mySql. This includes name (first and last, as separate fields), address (including street and suburb as separate fields) and job position. Queries can be made on this database to return all matching records for any one of the fields. For example

You need to make three interfaces to this database

It may be simplest to have 3 URL's, one for each type of result format. Each one should use the XML format as intermediate format.

Due date

This assignment may be done in groups of no more than 3 people. It is due on Nov 14

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