Cookies are sent from the server to your browser. They are then returned to the server by the browser each time you go to a new page on that site. These are often used by the server to build up information about the session you are having with that server (e.g. the contents of your ``shopping cart'').

Cookies are harmless - they cannot run on your computer and cause damage. They can only pass information back to the server that it has already given to the browser.

I now use cookies on this site to track your usage of my Web pages. This is to try to get a better idea of how you use them, so that I can assess the value of them. I present the results in papers such as Courseware on the Web - an Analysis of Student Use. If you are happy with this kind of use, please allow cookies from my site - thanks!

The cookie is just a numeric identifier to distinguish you from other users. The cookies last as long as you run your browser - shutting down the browser and restarting it loses all my cookie information.

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