ITP Tutorial Week 2


If you are not already in a team, your tutor will help to put you in one. You will need to decide how to contact each other, and how you manage your team. For instance, in this tutorial you will be starting to produce documentation (system specification; use cases). How will you know where the most recent version is? Whose responsibility is it?

This week's tutorial

Working in your teams, produce the first version of the system specification of the assignment system (overview, customers, goals, system functions, system attributes). When you have finished this, write high level use cases for one or two core functions. If you get that far, write an expanded use case for one of them.

For next week

One or more teams will be asked to put up one of their expanded use cases for discussion. Come prepared to put up at least one of your use cases. Pattern of tutorials The pattern for tutorials from now on will be that one or more teams will be asked to present some of their documentation for discussion. All teams are expected to come prepared to do so. If you can, time will be saved by coming with overheads or printed / written copies of your documentation.
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