IT Project System

Both assignments this semester will the analysis, design and implementation of the small system described below.

The Music Store

A music store sells CDs, and may in the future sell MP3 copies, or video and DVD disks. In preparation for this, it wishes to have an online browsing and ordering system.

The system is very loosely specified. It will be upto each team, in conjunction with their tutor, to decide their system boundaries, which functions to implement and even how their music store operates.


The minimum functionality that you should implement is:

A customer can
inquire about CDs in the catalogue
inquire about CDs in stock
browse categories (such as classical, grunge, etc)
order CDs, with possible discount for bulk purchases
cancel an order for CDs not in stock
A manager should also be able to
add new stock
delete a CD from the catalogue
discount a CD
record all transactions

Don't get too ambitious. Rank your use cases and decide where your limits are.

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