IT Project, 2000
Assignment 2

Due date: 9am, Monday, week 17 (6th Nov)


In this assignment you make changes to assignment 1 as suggested by your tutor, and add in user interface classes. If you have done a reasonable job in assignment 1, the model classes should not need any changes apart from corrections.


In your tutor's box. Only one copy of listings and diagrams per group

  1. A copy of your assignment 1, so that the tutor can see what changes he suggested
  2. Updated documentation showing all the changes you have made to assignment 1. That is
  3. In addition, add to your expanded use case a set of screen dumps showing the system responses as user interface screens.
  4. A class diagram for your user interface classes and the use case controllers. There should not be any need to show all of the model classes.
  5. Listing of code for the user interface classes.
  6. Screen dumps showing the result of testing of a system event.


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