Character representations

See XML and Localization :: FAQ :: Character Representation

Character encoding

See XML and Localization :: FAQ :: Encoding

Language identification

See XML and Localization :: FAQ :: Language Identification

XML Descriptions


XML DTDs (Document Type Definitions) are good for describing document structure e.g.

XML Schema

XML Schema Standard Data Types

Java mapping of data types

Most XML standard data type are represented by a Java data type
XML Java
boolean boolean
byte byte
dateTime java.util.Calendar
double double
float float
int int
integer java.math.BigInteger
string String

Some types can't be represented since they don't exist in Java, such as unsigned int. If a type can be "nillable" (that is, have a nil value) and it would be a Java primitive type, then it is wrapped in a Java class such as Integer.

XML datatypes and i18n

Defining your own datatypes

Units in XML

Units schema

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