ICT 213 Mock Exam

  1. You have downloaded the source code for a package X as X.tgz. How do you build and install it?
  2. Your home directory is /home/you. What is the absolute path for ~/m/../../tmp/fred?
  3. Read the manual page for du (disk usage) which takes directory names as command lne arguments. What is the option to only display the summary total for each command line argument? Given a directory, how do you use this to find the size of each immediate subdirectory? What pipeline will list these directories in order of total size of each?
  4. A user has just left your organisation. How do you disable their account? How do you completely remove them and all their files from the system?
  5. What is the difference between a desktop manager and a window manager?
  6. You want to partition an 80Gb disk so that it has two 10Gb ext3 partitions, one 5Gb swap partition, one 40Gb ext4 partition and one 15Gb FAT32 partition. What commands do you use to partition the disks and set up the filesystems?
  7. What does the following shell script do?
    for i in /tmp/*
        if [ -d $i ]
            tar cf /tmp/$i.tar $i
            rm $i

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