Programming Wayland Clients

Version 0.03, 16 July, 2017

Jan Newmarch ,

Adjunct Professor, University of Canberra
Adjunct Lecturer, School of Computing and Mathematics Charles Sturt University

This project hasn't been updated since mid-2017. Wairo so the information here may be out of date


  1. Introduction (last modified v0.1)
  2. The X Window System (last modified v0.1)
  3. Architecture (last modified v0.1)
  4. Direct Rendering Manager (last modified v0.1)
  5. Running Wayland (last modified v0.1)
  6. Programming a Wayland client (last modified v0.1)
  7. Shared Memory (last modified v0.2)
  8. When Can I Draw? (last modified v0.2)
  9. EGL (last modified v0.1)
  10. Input mechanisms (last modified v0.1)
  11. OpenGL (last modified v0.1)
    • Resources
  12. Cairo (last modified v0.3)
  13. GTK (last modified v0.3)
  14. Qt (last modified v0.3)
  15. SDL (last modified v0.3)


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