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This chapter gives a quick summary of the successive chapters.


The whole purpose of this book - from my point of view - is to document what is going on in Linux Sound in my path to building a Linux Karaoke system. I'm still on the way. This chapter looks at various explorations I have made using the material of previous chapters.

First, what are my goals?

Nothing I have yet done gets anywhere near these goals. Let me pick out the highlights of my explorations so far:

The following chapters cover:

User level tools
Karaoke is an "audience participation" sound system, in which the soundtrack and usually the melody are played along with a moving display of the lyrics. This chapter considers the features, formats and user-level tools for playing Karaoke.
Decoding the DKD files on the Songken Karaoke DVD
This chapter is about getting the information off my Songken Karaoke DVD so that I can start writing programs to play the songs. It is not directly involved in playing sound under Linux and can be skipped.
JavaSound has no direct support for Karaoke. This chapter looks at how to combine the JavaSound libraries with other libraries such as Swing to give a Karaoke player for MIDI files.
Many Karaoke systems use subtitles imposed over a movie of some kind. This chapter looks at how to do this with Linux systems. There are limited choices, but it is possible.
FluidSynth is an application for playing MIDI files and a library for MIDI applications. It does not have the hooks for playing Karaoke files. This chapter discusses an extension to FluidSynth which adds appropriate hooks, and then uses these to build a variety of Karaoke systems.
TiMidity is designed as a standalone application with a particular kind of extensibility. Out of the box it can sort-of play Karaoke but not well. This chapter looks at how to work with TiMidity to build a Karaoke system.

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