IoT - a techie's viewpoint

Version 0.2, 6 October, 2017

Jan Newmarch ,

Professor of IoT Box Hill Institute
Adjunct Professor, University of Canberra, University of Canberra
Adjunct Lecturer, School of Computing and Mathematics Charles Sturt University

Just starting! This book will end up being a substantial expansion of the talks I have been giving on the Internet of Things . It's a pretty skinny book at the moment, but will grow regularly.



  1. General IoT talk given to ACS and various universities in 2015-2016 Internet of Things
  2. Talk given on security at Deep Sensor conference Perth, April, 2017

    Experiments with 6LoWPAN (articles from Linux Journal)

  1. Low power wireless and Linux
  2. Low power wireless: Routing to the internet
  3. Low power wireless: CoAP
  4. And a fourth article which didn't get published
  5. Low power wireless: CoAP discovery and observers

    PART 1: Introduction

  1. Introduction (last modified v0.1)
  2. Business models (last modified v0.2)
  3. Architectural models (last modified v0.3)
  4. PART 2: Sensors

  5. Temperature sensors (last modified v0.3)
  6. Sensor device descriptions (last modified v0.1)
  7. PART 3: Microcontrollers and microprocessors

  8. Introduction (last modified v0.1)
  9. PIC (nothing yet) (last modified v0.1)
    • Resources
  10. Alternative Microcontrollers (nothing yet) (last modified v0.1)
    • Resources
  11. Arduino (minimal) (last modified v0.1)
  12. Raspberry Pi (nothing yet) (last modified v0.1)
    • Resources
  13. Operating Systems (last modified v0.1)
  14. Programming Languages (last modified v0.2)
  15. PART 4: Networking

  16. Introduction to IoT networking (last modified v0.1)
  17. IEEE802.15.4 (last modified v0.1)
  18. Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (minimal) (last modified v0.1)
  19. 6LoWPAN (last modified v0.1)
  20. ZigBee and Z-Wave (never will be much) (last modified v0.1)
  21. Experiments with 6LoWPAN (last modified v0.1)
  22. PART 5: Middleware

  23. Remote Programming Models (minimal) (last modified v0.1)
  24. REST (last modified v0.1)
  25. HTTP and REST (last modified v0.1)
  26. CoAP and REST (minimal) (last modified v0.1)
  27. MQTT (nothing yet) (last modified v0.1)
  28. Serialisation (last modified v0.2)
  29. PART 6: Security

  30. Security introduction (last modified v0.1)
  31. Identity (last modified v0.1)
  32. Microcontroller and microprocessor security (last modified v0.1)
  33. ARM security (last modified v0.1)
  34. Apple mobile phone security model (last modified v0.1)
  35. Home (last modified v0.1)
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  36. Operating Systems (last modified v0.1)
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  37. Certification Laboratories (last modified v0.1)
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  38. Virtual Machines (last modified v0.1)
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  39. PART 7: Home systems

  40. Architecture (last modified v0.3)
  41. IPv6 on consumer home routers (last modified v0.4)
  42. OpenWrt on a Raspberry Pi (last modified v0.4)
  43. IETF homenet specifications (last modified v0.1)
  44. Yeelight (last modified v0.1)
  45. Lanbon light switches (last modified v0.3)
  46. OpenHAB (minimal, last modified v0.3)
  47. Open Assistant (minimal, last modified v0.3)
  48. PART 8: Big data

  49. Storage (nothing yet) (last modified v0.1)
  50. Big data (nothing yet) (last modified v0.1)
  51. (last modified v0.1)
  52. PART 9: Artificial Intelligence

  53. Mycroft (last modified v0.3)
  54. PART 10: Micro transactions

  55. IOTA (last modified v0.2)
  56. PART 11: Industry groups

  57. Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) (last modified v0.1)
  58. Industrial Internet of Things (nothing yet) (last modified v0.1)
    • Resources
  59. Global Platform (nothing yet) (last modified v0.1)
  60. Home systems (nothing yet) (last modified v0.1)


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