Client Server Computing

Unit Coordinator

Jan Newmarch
Room: 11A9
Phone: 6201 2422


This unit introduces the power, advantages and complex issues of client-server computing. The evolution of the computing environment, standards and open systems, client and server platform specialisation, client-server communication in local and wide area networks and major communication protocols are used as a foundation. Such major issues as distribution of presentation, applications, data and databases, transaction management, software distribution concepts and aspects of network management are then studied.

Aims and Objectives

Lecture schedule

The lecture schedule is expected to be
Week 1: Basic concepts and Architectural models
Week 2: TCP/IP
Week 4: Protocol design
Week 5: Security
Week 6: Remote Procedure Call
Week 7: Corba
Week 10: Java and RMI
Week 11: Jini
Week 12: HTML and HTTP
Week 13: Com+
Week 14: Active content on the Web
Week 15: Distributed databases


There will be three assignments and a final exam. They will each be worth 25%. In order to pass, you must complete every item of assessment, and get a mark higher than 50%.


The recommended textbook is
Robert Orfali et al, "Client/Server Survival Guide", Wiley.
This is an overview book, and will need to be supplemented with additional technical material.